Yoga Retreat Andalucia

With Andi Riley

28 sept - 2 Oct 2016


This is the first time we have organised a retreat in English in La Semilla (The Seed) and will be the ninth retreat that Andi has shared her knowledge and experience of yoga with us…all her other retreats have been in Spanish.


We invite you to take a break from the accelerated rhythm of daily life, to forget the list of ‘to dos’ and your external responsibilities …give yourself a chance to come back to your centre, to connect both with your inner, authentic self and with the rhythms of nature.


Each day will begin on the mat in the wood floored purpose built yoga studio with a session of classical yoga…practicing different forms of meditation, pranayama (energetic breathing exercises), asana (postures), bandhas and mudrahs (exercises to consciously control and move energy). Our intention will be to wake up the physical body, developing a better understanding of our energetic and emotional bodies and opening ourselves to experience the benefits of a daily practice.


After a delicious breakfast on the open terrace with views over the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco we will spend time exploring the beautiful virgin coastline and relaxing on the spectacular beaches nearby…we will also have the opportunity to visit the well preserved Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia found here in the village of Bolonia


After a late lunch on the terrace or a picnic on the beach (weather permitting), we will have the afternoon to relax and read or take a siesta or a walk on one of the many trails and paths found here in El Estrecho Natural Park where La Semilla is situated.

In the early evening after a snack of fruit and herbal tea we will again enter the yoga studio to do a workshop…based either on classical hatha yoga, the teachings of tantra or another activity such a guided massage in pairs or mandala painting.


The day will finish with a light dinner and socialising together on the terrace.

This retreat is open to people from all levels of yoga. Each person will work intimately with her/himself listening carefully to the body’s communication and exploring her/his own capacities and limits. There will be variations of asanas and other practices depending on the experience and ability of each person.


The objectives of the retreat are to disconnect from daily routines and reconnect with your true self through guided practice, experiencing several days living in the heart of nature, enjoying organic vegetarian food prepared with love and getting to know new people who are also on a path of personal growth. Moreover we hope each person will leave from here more relaxed, revitalized and balanced.


VITAL HATHA YOGA is an integrated practice of the learning and experience of Andi Riley.


It has its roots in the classical Hatha Yoga tradition from India where HA means the breath of the sun and THA means the breath of the Moon (Sanskrit). It is the union of these opposite energies (male and female, light and dark, heat and cold, active and passive) that helps us find balance, strength and flexibility throughout life through the regular practice of postures (asana ), conscious breathing (pranayama) and meditation. It includes techniques and exercises from Tantra Yoga a practice which focuses on spiritual growth and the evolution of consciousness both personally and collectively.



The VITAL part has its branches expanding upwards, opening to receive and incorporate other esoteric teachings and practices, which for Andi support growth and wellbeing in a world that is constantly evolving. It includes (among other things): meditation and guided visualisations; working with mandalas; experimenting with sacred silence; the energy principles of polarity therapy; the therapeutic touch of the hand; sound vibrations and voice; as well as the immense benefits of simply living consciously in harmony with nature.


The contribution for the whole retreat is 340€ (approx 285 pounds sterling) includes:


Daily Hatha Yoga classes on the mat in the studio or at the beach

Daily workshops with the group ... a different one every day

Four nights shared accommodation in one of three rustic authentic Mongolian yurts with 4, 6 or 7 beds. Simple and original, carefully detailed to integrate with the surrounding nature. There is also the possibility of staying in a tent if more privacy is preferred.

Organic (90%) vegetarian food, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) based on the fusion of a Mediterranean diet with the principles of macrobiotics. Vegetables and fruits are seasonal and local as far as possible.

Use of the common areas of the property: chillout areas, outdoor terrace overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar, compost toilets and showers.


Places are limited (14 people). To register, or for more information contact us:


For more information on the course of Vital Hatha Yoga you can connect with Andi by email or whatsapp: +34 677 330 414





Andi Riley began her journey as a facilitator and therapist in 1995 in England, when she trained in professional therapeutic massage.


In 1999 she received a BSc(Hons) degree in Podiatry at the University of Salford, England.


That same year she attended a classical hatha yoga course, recommended by a physiotherapist. During the following years her personal practice inspired by her teachers, helped her so much with her physical, mental and spiritual health that she decided to train in the practice and teaching of yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Kerala, India in 2005.


She was first initiated in Reiki in 2000 and has been a Reiki Master since 2006.

In 2013 she completed the first level in polarity therapy.


Since 2008 she has shared her knowledge and experience in weekly classes and has also organized and conducted intensive yoga days and retreats.


At the beginning of 2016 she went to Thailand to attend an intensive one month course in Agama Tantra Yoga School in Koh Phangan. The course affected her deeply and she decided to continue studying with the school’s Guru, Swami Vivekananda and continue her development of yoga and personal growth with Agama.


Currently she works as a massage therapist and yoga teacher.

She has been living as a permanent member of La Semilla since spring 2015.


Her intention both at work and in life is to continue to evolve whilst supporting and caring for others with love and tenderness.